SwineManagement.com Features

General Features


Instantly see all of your key statistics in beautiful graphs and charts.

Data Feeds

Easily create mapping layouts to translate excel files of any structure into importable data.


Conveniently configure our data grids.


Log into the application on any device, anywhere.


Attach any type of document/scan to batches, barns, owners and more. Tag documents for instant retrieval.

Document Press

Create your own printable documents and data entry processes.


Manage your pig batches in our Calendar view.


Easily add events to our Calendar and create new event types custom to your business.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Easily create your own reports that can be exported to excel or pdf.

Industry Specific Features

Single Barn/Multi Barn

Manage one or many pig farm locations.

Feed Expense Imports

Import feed expenses from your feed mill.

Feed Plans

Create your own feed plans per batch and send them to your feed mill. Track feed plan effectiveness.

Multi Owner

Manage pigs for one or many owners.

Batch Profitability

Track profitability on a batch level.


Manage your own shipments through our logistics module. We also offer dispatch software if you manage your own trucks.

Packer File Imports

Import excel files against your market sales with packer details.

Batch Statistics

Enjoy extensive statistics related to your operation and individual batches.

Related Party Login

Have your pig farm managers log in to enter daily inventory adjustments or your logistics provider log in to enter movement details for daily inventory numbers.